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From the Author

Structuring the sale properly to pay less tax

Rick J. Krebs, CPA - Author 

My Story

In a very real sense I've been working on this book for over 27 years as a CPA, Entrepreneur, and Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor.

I wanted to write a book, the origins of which didn't come from acadamia, but one from the trenches and school of hard knocks. The examples used detail successes and failures.  You learn the most from failures.

I have packed into the 199 pages real-life experiences to help you maneuver the largest financial transaction of your life. This book is for the savvy business owner who wants to maximize the cash in his or her pocket with an optimal selling price and preemptive tax-saving strategy. The business owner who will take care of the employees who have been loyal for many years.  The business owner who wants to look back with pride after the sale and say, "I built that, and now it belongs to someone else who will continue my legacy". 

I have been advising clients since 1993 as a M&A advisor, CPA, and tax reduction strategist. I am a principal at Business Sales Group and MyBizValue. I reside in Utah and am a happy husband, and father of four. My hobbies include, at times, life-threatening outdoor activities and adventures.

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What's inside the 199 pages

Table of Contents


SECTION 1: How Do I Prepare to Sell My Business?

  Chapter 1: 10 Questions Every Business Seller Needs Answered  

  Chapter 2: The Ugly: What They Don’t Tell You

  Chapter 3: 4 Common Mistakes Made by Sellers

  Chapter 4: How to Prepare for Selling a Business after or during                                      Economic Downturns

  Chapter 5: The 7 Deadly Sins of Cash-Basis Accounting

  Chapter 6: Important Acronyms and Buzzwords

SECTION 2: The Process of Selling a Business

  Chapter 7: 14 Steps to Selling Your Business

  Chapter 8: Launching Your Business for Sale, Not Listing Your                                        Business for Sale

  Chapter 9: What You Need to Know about Due Diligence Requests

  Chapter 10: How to Prepare for a Site Tour with a Potential Buyer

  Chapter 11: Types of Buyers You Will Encounter while Selling                                          Your Business

  Chapter 12: You Have a Letter of Intent. Now What?

  Chapter 13: Golden Nuggets of Wisdom for Unique Transactions and                                Businesses

  Chapter 14: Guidelines for a Successful Transition

Table of Contents

SECTION 3: Sales Structure Types and Compensation

  Chapter 15: 3 Sales Structure Types

  Chapter 16: When Is an Asset Sale Better Than a Stock Sale for a                                      Seller?

  Chapter 17: 8 Common Types of Seller Compensation

SECTION 4: What Increases the Value of My Business before I Sell?

  Chapter 18: Top 8 Value Drivers of Business

  Chapter 19: What You Need to Know about Accounting

  Chapter 20: It’s All about Risk

SECTION 5: Taxes and How to Minimize

  Chapter 21: Structuring a Sale to Minimize Your Taxes

SECTION 6: Managing and Choosing Your Advisory Team

  Chapter 22: Legal Stage of the Transaction: Attorneys and Fences

  Chapter 23: Choosing Your Advisory Team




  Letter of Intent to Purchase

  Sample Standard Nondisclosure Agreement

  Sample Due Diligence Checklist

What's inside - Table of Contents

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In The Press

Mind  your exit, don't blind your exit

"I have personally worked with Rick for about a decade to help my clients with selling and/or acquiring a business successfully.  Rick has taken his years of experience and distilled into a straight forward, actionable book. The process can of buying or selling a business can feel daunting. Going through this book will give you the knowledge and confidence on what your next steps are in your journey."

Brandon Allen

Founder of the New Work Revolution

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